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The Evolution of a Branded Space

13 June 2013

As the Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen, Johannes Torpe's role has been integral in the design of the highly-anticipated new retail store concept design.

This short documentary explores the creative process undertaken by the design team, curated by Johannes, in the creation of the new Bang & Olufsen flagship store in Copenhagen.

Creating a Branded Space is a lengthy and ongoing process. Many design details that most people would never even think of need to be considered. The video takes you behind the scenes, exploring the evolution of the space and the many intricate processes involved in its design. The collective visions for all involved unite in a successful integration of design elements that ultimately create beautiful sound and magical experiences, which is the essence of the Bang & Olufsen brand.

"Everything is is like a ballet. The sound, the picture, the lighting, the rotation and the movement all go along in a very nicely choreographed way."
Johannes Torpe, Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen