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Celebrating 16 Years of Design

06 June 2013

Sixteen years ago, in a quiet corner of the world, Johannes Torpe abandoned his bohemian lifestyle and became a 'serious' designer, launching Johannes Torpe Studios and landing in the exuberant world of design with a bang.

Q & A with Johannes Torpe

Q: Looking back; which project is your most memorable?
JT: South Beauty, Taipei. Because it has so many elements of surprise: The LED Waterfall, the hand painted ceiling, the custom designed furniture and lamps. Everything was designed in cohesion to create an incomparable atmosphere and dinning experience.

Q: What project has left the biggest imprint on you during the past year?
JT: Designing Bang & Olufsen's new retail concept and flagship store. Our aim was to create a magical experience for the customer, by using modern technology to reveal the luxury audio products. The prototype store opened in Copenhagen in April and the concept is now being launched all over the world, with China as the next big move.

Q: What is your next move?
From the outlook, 2013 will be our most productive year so far...I could tell you more, but then I'de have to kill you!

Q: What does the future hold for Johannes Torpe Studios?
A playground of creativity and fun that transcends traditional barriers, AND hopefully a project in outer space.


"With '100%' as his motto, Torpe does everything or nothing: from the food to the music, table to ashtray design. Happily married to the holistic, Johannes designs concepts and objects from the ground up; from the big picture to the micro particle. Let's play with it."

-Laetitia Wolff Editor in Chief, Graphis Magazine