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Johannes Torpe工作室已被列为在中国经营的建筑及室内设计的前100名顶尖人才之一。

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Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Grand Tour Cookbook is, in it's essence, based on the 'Tour de France' cycling race, which celebrates it's 100th year anniversary this year. The visual development of the book hence required an integration of graphics, which allude to both cycling and cooking. The metaphor of a 'cycle' was chosen as both a literal and conceptual progression of the 21 days the cyclists are on the road. The physical nature of the cycle as well as the 21-day sequential period is represented by the circular bicycle wheel graphic, which gradually builds up along the 21 days.

Inspiration was drawn from the vintage Tour de France posters and the aesthetic style became reminiscent of this distinctive style, with a modern twist. Retro typography combined with modern typefaces and iconic info-graphics were merged with a clean, simple layout, which embraces negative space.

The photographic style of the recipes evokes a rustic aesthetic, with the backgrounds of the photos significantly juxtaposing raw textures from various everyday surfaces. The graphics needed to be bold, clear and clean in order to accentuate the beauty in these textural photographs, and the colours needed to allow the photographs to exist without distraction. It was to be more than just a cookbook. The underlying concept of a progressive journey, a story, was to be tied together by the graphics, which lead the reader successively through the book.

Author - Hannah Grant // Published by Kuboaa

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体验中心是为了给客户提供一个完整的品牌空间体验其中包括B&O品牌的豪华产品。 208平方米的体验空间是专门为中国新时代精英阶层而打造,尤其体现了整个B&O 品牌的精华

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Johannes Torpe去年被任命为丹麦高端音响品牌Bang&Olufsen的首位创意总监。为了能更出色地完成任务,Johannes带领他卓越的设计团队,全身心地投入到B&O新的旗舰店设计工作上。着眼于为客户提供一个引人入胜的感官体验,'魔幻'的概念注入到每一个设计元素中。Bang&Olufsen作为一个奢侈品牌,只选择独一无二的、高品质的材料和反传统的零售店运营方式。

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22 April 2013

一年一度的米兰家具展在今年四月举办,期间Johannes TorpePAL ZILERI展厅策划了一个展览,探索工艺设计的创意。该展览是和丹麦音响品牌Bang&Olufsen,意大利时装设计公司Pal Zileri,以及日本面料生产商HOSOO这三个不同国家不同品牌间的合作。

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